Canadian folk band The East Pointers wow Newcastle

Going off: The East Pointers in Newcastle on Friday night. Picture: Jim KellarA magnetic bundle of energy, better known as The East Pointers, caused a firestorm in Newcastle on Friday night.
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The trio of Tim Chaisson, Koady Chaisson and Jake Charron were preaching to the converted from the moment they took the stage at the Unorthodox Church of Groove in Hamilton.

It was the perfect venue, as close to a comfy lounge room as you can come. The atmosphere was close to a house party, or more like, a barn dance.

Post by The East Pointers in Newcastle.

The showmanship of these Canadians was dazzling, at least to a first-timer. The truth is they have trod the backroads of on three other occasions, playing major festivals and intimate folk clubs as their international reputation keeps growing.

The show was a reminder that so many good things happen at the grassroots level. A good third of the 100-plus crowd enjoyed dancing, and truthfully, it was an irresistible temptation. If this is representative of the music they brew on Prince Edward Island in the far north-east of Canada, then it must indeed be a special place.

The fast-pace set licked off with Meals by Maurice and Secret Victory, eventually slowing down for the moving ballad, Blainey’s Laughing Eyes. But they fired up again, running through Places You’ll Go, and then the eerie 82 Fires, written in Tasmania with Liz Stringer when they surrounded by smoke and flames during their tour. The delicateEbb Tide followed, allowing an opportunity to ponder the exquisite interplay of fiddle, banjo and guitar.

And then, they off running again, with raucous melody of The Drift and Woodfordia.

Should The East Pointers ever find that elusive mass cross-over audience, it could well be Cold that brings it. Foremost, it is lyrically-driven song.

The tail end featured The Stubborn Mule,Ken the Hen and their addictive cover of David Bowie’s Heroes.

It was 95 minutes of sheer joyful music, about as uplifting of a musical experience as you could ask for.

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