The word cricket must remove from its vocabulary

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Now that the name-calling’s out of the way, let’s have an adult discussion.

Cricket has a problem. Not a major problem, perhaps even what social media types like to call a first-world problem. But a problem nevertheless.

Cricket has many quirky and whimsical terms, the origins of which even many tragics of the game would struggle to explain. Fielding positions like silly mid-off, third man, fine leg and cow corner (in an unofficial capacity) are but a few.

They are part of the rich fabric of the sport, and may they live on for as long as cricket is played. With the exception of one – the “chinaman”.

It’s not a term that is commonly heard in cricket, but one that will get a lot of air play this week after spinner Kuldeep Yadav’s dream start to his Test career for India.

Why? Because he is what is known in the game as a “chinaman” bowler – a left-arm spinner who turns the ball back into the right-handed batsman.

Uncomfortable at how often and insensitively the term was being used after Kuldeep’s efforts, this correspondent challenged cricket to get rid of the racially offensive term. It met a mixed response on Twitter, which fell broadly into three categories:

– support from those who can see its racist overtones;

– curiosity from those wanting to learn;

– and streams of abuse from those outraged that I was upset by something they deemed innocuous. My challenge to cricket: get racially offensive terminology out of the game #IndvAus#KuldeepYadavpic.twitter苏州夜总会招聘/tp9uePlZ2D??? Andrew Wu (@wutube) March 25, 2017Aussies fail to comprehend India’s Chinaman! #KuldeepYadav#IndvAus#IndvsAuspic.twitter苏州夜总会招聘/6zxG6dLU48??? Sanket Jack (@sanket_jack) March 26, 2017

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